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Clipmate 5.2
A very useful utlity

Download the Clipmate 5.2 from here

ClipMate has powerful tools enabling users to retrieve, append, print, reformat, and edit data. An exclusive PowerPaste(TM) feature puts ClipMate in "rapid fire" mode, allowing quick pasting of a series of items into an application.

ClipMate's QuickPaste puts the most recently copied items at your fingertips. Just summon ClipMate with a hotkey, select the item, and it is inserted right where you were working.

Internet users will love the new internet features in ClipMate 5. You can now view HTML data right in ClipMate. If you are working with raw HTML tags, you can see what they would look like AS HTML. And you can launch any URL to your default web browser, without having to carve it out of the surrounding text. It also includes powerful editing and re-formatting features, which are great for cleaning up poorly formatted Email messages.

ClipMate will remember the "source url" of any data copied from IE or Netscape, making it easy to revisit the page - with just a click.

Speaking of editing, ClipMate 5 now supports drag 'n' drop editing, meaning that not only can you edit data right within ClipMate, but now you have full drag 'n' drop capability, along with local cut 'n' paste, line-break removal, case conversion, and more. It has more editing features than many stand-alone text editors!

And a new feature in ClipMate v5.2, lets you quickly clean-up poorly formatted Email.

Also there are some more additions to the program and the latest version can be downloaded from the home site at:


Find out more information from Shri Bang, at bang@vsnl.com

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