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Resources Around the WWW--Edition 46



E x c e l l e n t R e s o u r c es

The Particle Adventure

People have long asked, "What is the world made of?" and "What holds it together?" The Particle Adventure is an award-winning site that allows you to explore the world of funda-
mental particles and forces and then to investigate the experimental evidence and techniques.


The Thinking Man's Thesaurus (808 KB)

an ideal pop-up utility for when the right word is eluding you. Includes a powerful thesaurus and a dictionary which can check the spelling of individual words as well as provide you with a list of similarly spelt words.

For Win 3.1, Win 95, and Win98.

Venture Capital Resources

Updated information on Venture Capital news with searchable directories of Venture Capital firms, Investment Banks, Business Plans and related services.

Source: E.N. Compass -

The Ultimate Computer Source

is an educational resource for the world of computing - info you wanted to know about computers, for both new and advanced users.

Source: Alan -

The Food Allergy Network

FAN is a nonprofit organization providing education about food allergy to peanuts, nuts, eggs, milk, wheat, soy, fish, and shellfish. Symptoms include hives, difficulty breathing, and eczema.

Source: Fin der Keepoers -


is fast becoming a vast know-it-all site offering in-depth how-to articles on thousands of topics- Internet users can browse this site before trying anything else.

Source: Ben Cooper


"Zooish has hundreds of real life animations. Full of animal, nature, earth, space, and science knowledge. Visit world zoos, explore nature's wonders, listen to animal sounds, see and hear dolphins and whales ...


Enjoyable games, available by e-mail, a leader in the computer games industry.


The Web Gallery of Art

is a virtual museum and searchable database of European painting and sculpture of the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque periods (1150-1750), currently containing over 7,300 reproductions. Biographies, commentaries, guided tours are available.

Source: Ben Cooper -

Health Scout

is a personal health agent that brings you daily news and information about your special interests. It's also a universe of resources that can put you in total command of your health, and your family's.

Source: F O C U S Newsletter

Maps Index

Here can you find Web sites about Maps, city plans, route planer, ski maps, earthquake maps, satellite pictures, historical maps, weather maps, science maps from a round the world.

Source: Pierre Borochaults -

U s e f u l U t i l i t i e s

Close All

This is the home site of a handy little freeware program called CloseAll,which does just that. When you are installing a new program and are advised to close all running programs, click the icon which CloseAll will put in your system tray, and any programs on the task bar will close. Items in the systems tray, including virus checkers, are not affected. Very useful.


eCleaner is a free program that helps you clean the ">" marks that accumulate after an e-mail message has been forwarded many times. You can learn about it here:
and download it directly by clicking here:

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