He is a scientist, an author, and new media exponent. He feels that this new media, the World Wide Web, is very important and very & few  people have clue as to how to use it. He approaches this medium with innovative attitude &  scientific temper .  He feels that the Web is a medium that is amalgam of science & art, humanity & technology, form & functionality. He wants to  explore this medium not, just for commercial advantage but for the outreach of cultural and other humanistic purposes so that the ethos is available to the people from different cultures at large distances.

He enjoys teaching, and since the advent of Internet access in India in August 1995, he has been an online educator. One of articles about him in a news paper has conferred on him the title of "The CYBER Samaritan". He is currently developing an online teaching philosophy.

He is firmly convinced that WWW is a unique medium which affords an opportunity to convey the experience of Art i.e. beauty and resultant effect that can bring the viewer to the state of elation that someone feels when in presence of an Object d' art.

He is developing sites for "The Prince of Wales Museum of Bombay", Asiatic Society of Bombay, Dargaha of Ajmer (Rajasthan) among others.

Travel, philosophy, photography, and the relationship between art and science are among his  personal interests.


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