Dr. Rajendra R. Mehta Ph.D.(Stanford, USA)

Papers and Publications

Following is a list of articles published or presented orally, authored or co-authored:

  1. National Security in Networked Era (published in Deccan Herald Nov 7 & 8 2002)
  2. Check out this Interview in Mid Day March 2, 2003
  3. One article was published by him on Metropolis on Saturday in November 2-3 issue 1996, titled, "NET Challenge".
  4. An article on him was published by Metropolis on Saturday of September 14-15, 1996, titled, "The
    CYBER samaritan
    " because of his online teaching activites. The the article was subtitled, "Raj Mehta
    the man with a mission to make the non-commercial use of the Internet speaks to Hiren K Bose"
  5. In another article titled, "Give us more", published sept. 23-24 1995 in Metropolis on Saturday,
  6. Exploring Cyberspace – Your PC a window to the world of information”, Dr. Raj Mehta, Microcomputer User’s Club Magazine, Feb. 1993.
  7. Computer Science in Ancient India”, Dr. Raj Mehta, Microcomputer User’s Club Magazine, Aug. 1992
  8. Depolarization Fields in Thin Ferroelectric Films”, R. R. Mehta, B. D. Silverman and J. T. Jacobas, J. Appl. Phys., Vol44, No. 8, 1973. (Part of this paper was presented at Physical Society meeting in San Francisco, 1973).
  9. Photoconductive Gain Greater Than unity in CdSe Films with Schottky Barriers at Contacts”, R.R. Mehta and B.S. Sharma, J. Appl. Phys., Vol 44 No. 1, 1973.
  10. Some Theoretical Considerations Relating to Switching and Remanence in Ferroelectric/Photoconductor memory Devices”, R. R. Mehta, Ferroelectrics, Vol.4, 1972.
  11. Sputtered Cadium oxide and Indium Orixe/Tin Oxide Films as Transparent Electrodes to Cadmium Sulphide”, R. R. Mehta and S. F. Vogel, J. or Electrochem. Soc. 119, No. 6, 1972.
  12. The two papers below were also published in IEEE Trans. on Sonics and Ultra Sonics SU 19, 1972. There ware orally presented at IEEE Symposium on Ferroelectrics held at Yorktown heights, 1972.
  13. Design and Performance of This Film Ferroelectic/Photoconductor Storage Device”, D. W. Chapman and R. R. Mehta, Feeroelectrics 3, 1972.
  14. Phtoconductor and Electrode Requirements for Thin Film Ferroelectric/Photoconductor Memory Device”, B.S. Sharma and R. R. Mehta, Ferroelectrics 3, 1972.
  15. Ferroelectric/Photoconductor Memory Device”, R.R.Mehta, J. Appl. Phys. 42 No. 5, 1971.
    10. “The Origin of Qss at Si/SiO2 Interface”, R. R. Mehta, W.M. Ford, presented at the Fall Meeting of ECS, Chicago, 1967.
  16. Improved MOS Transistor performance Using Oxide-Nitride Combinations as the dielectric”, T.P. Cauge, R.R. Mehta and R.C.G. Swann, presented at Fall Meeting of E.C.S., Chicago, 1967.
  17. Silicon Nitride Deposited at Room Temperature : Physical / Chemical Properties”, R.C.G. Swann, R.R. Mehta and T.P. Cauge, presented at the Fall Meeting of E.C.S., Chicago, 1967.
  18. Redistribution of Donor and Acceptor Impurities in Silicon During Deposition and subsequent Reheat of silicon Nitride”, T.P. Cauge, R.R. Mehta and R.C.G. Swann, presented at Spring Meeting of E.C.S. Dallas, 1967.
  19. Anomalous Dielectric behavior of Silicon Nitride”, RCG. Swann, R.R. Mehta and T.P. Cauge, presented at the Spring Meeting of the E.C.S. Dallas 1967.
  20. The Preparation and Properties of Thin Film Silicon-Nitrogen Compounds Produced by Radio Frequency Glow Discharge Reaction”, R.C.G. Swann, R.R. Mehta and T.P. Cauge, J. Electrochem. Soc., Solid Ste Science, July 1967, Vol. 114, No. 7, 1967.
  21. Effects of Metal-Semiconductor Work Function Difference on the Calculation of Surface Charge Density of Silicon-Silicon Dioxide Interface”, R.R. Mehta, P. J. Coppen and M. Haynes, Japanese J. Appl;. Phy. 5, 556 (1996).
  22. Analytical Study of Zinc-Diffusion in Gallium Arsinide and the Electrical Properties of the Resulting Diffused Layers”, R.R. Mehta, Technical Report No. 5103-1. Prepared under Contact DA 31(124)-ARO(D)-155, for U.S. Army Research Office, Durham.


  1. Methods of Forming a Serrated Surface Topology – Ion Milling
    Inventors : R.R. Mehta and O. Voegeli
    Patent No. 4016062
    Issue date : April 5, 1997.
  2. Improved Thin Film Ferroelectric Devises
    Inventors: R.R. Mehta, B.D. Silverman and J.T. Jacobs.
    Published in IBM Technical Disclosure Bulletin, Jan. 1973.
  3. Ferroelectric/Photoconductor Storage Device with and Interface Layer
    Inventors: D.W. Chapman and R.R. Mehta.
    Patent No. 3681766
    Issue date: August 1, 1972.
  4. " Aluminium-Alloy Junction Devices Using Silicon Nitride as a Mask
    Inventors: T.P. Cauge, R.R. Mehta and R.C.G. Swann.
    Patent No. 3576684
    Issue date: April 27, 1971.

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