Dr. Raj Mehta graduated in Physics from Bombay University where he stood first in the University. He pursued higher studies and was awarded MS and PhD degrees in Solid State Electronics from Stanford University, California USA.

After his education he worked for Raytheon, ITT Semiconductors (Shockley Labs), and IBM Research and Development Labs in California, USA. Initially, his work was related to transistors, where he contributed extensively to the basic understanding and process development that made the MOS (Field Effect) transistor a viable device. The MOS transistor is the basic building block of today’s microprocessors and semiconductor memory devices, which form the brains of modern computers.

At IBM he worked on memory technologies including magnetic bubble memory, optical memory, and thin film magnetic memory and magnetic heads, which are used in today’s hard disk drives.

He has been using the Internet since 1989 via ERNET, the Educational and Research Network in India, where he has helped sort out some technical problems with their email. Recently, he was part of the technical team of Silicon Valley Public Access Link, a low-cost Internet Access Provider in California, and more recently, he has been interacting with VSNL’s technical team to improve their Internet service.

Dr. Mehta has published 20 technical papers and holds four basic patents related to transistor processing.

Currently he is writing, teaching, and consulting on issues related to the Internet. He has put up this book on a site for a on-line reference at the WEB address:


He has put test sites for The Prince of Wales Museum in Mumbai at the address:

and a site associated with Museum on Non violence:


Professional interests beyond writing include corporate teaching & Web design.


He has successfully conducted several corporate seminars at Hoechst Marion Rousssel to introduce Internet and the Internet technology for the corporate use and for personal use.

Seminars are custom designed for the corporate needs.

Companies & Non Profit Organizations

He had worked on a contract basis for a many companies and non profit organizations building web sites.

The Prince of Wales Museum of Bombay
He has designed and built a test site for them and the work on final site is continuing. In addtition to this a web site for the exhibition "Ahimsa" is under design. Their are several CD's under planning stages including that on Ahimsa & Roots of Indian Civilization.

The Asiatic Society of Bombay
A web site for the Asiatic society and the library is under design.

Dargha Sherif of Ajmer
A site for this shrine for the Sufi Saint is under construction.






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