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Created For Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited By Dr. Raj Mehta
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  • The Guide due for major surgery. All new Guide coming soon with extensive TCP/IP user support.
  • Text version of the entire site available to LYNX Users.
  • Download a text version of this Guide from this site.
  • Tips about searching the Web for Information.
  • Using Web for economic leverage - Web Advantage.
  • Glossary.
  • Jhankar's "India on the Net".
For the Online "User's Guide to VSNL's GIAS" and other Services
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This web posting is online version of the guide distributed to all VSNL subscribers. The title reads "...India's...", that is just an indication of the context how this site came about. Internet can not be that confined to a narrow geographical context. This guide is useful to any Internet User. This document is for any beginner and also serves experienced users for referencing. It attempts to get the readers over the initial barriers they may encounter in using Internet. The author has found from experience that, once a user learns a few tasks, he becomes confident to explore further and discover many other aspects of Internet. Thus this document is about being an explorer and adventuress...

The web hosting has been created in truly Internet style-It was designed by young man in Philadelphia, PA and coded by another young man in Bombay (see the credits). All the design work, when in progress, was reviewed by the author over the Net while being in chat with the designer. This underscores the power of Internet for collaborative work. This site is living proof of this mode of operation.

Dr. Raj Mehta, 1997

Last updated Oct 19, 1997
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