by Deb Mohan with guidance from Dr. Raj Mehta
E-mail is one of the most important part of Internet. But, what is E-mail? How to use it? There are many questions about E-mail and its integrity in today's communication world.

E-mail basically is an electronic medium of transferring data over the Internet or a network. The simple definition would be, converting the physical mailing system to computerized one. As everybody have physical addresses, so are people on the mailing system have addresses. Your address would be like This address is where people send you mail. VSNL has assigned you a space on its server, just like you would get a postbox at the local post office.

Now here are the differences. To get your mail in physical terms, you go to the post office. In the case of e-mail you just log on and download your mail. Likewise to send mail you don't have to travel to the nearest postbox. You post it from your computer. You can send and receive a lot of mail at the same time. Also you can send your files to your friends, like your picture or a greeting card that you designed for them. Its much more easier and cheaper than printing it out and snail mailing (as it is called in Internet terms). And in the case of VSNL you can log into your account from any point of access and check and send mail. You could not imagine doing this with your snail mail.

And now the largest benefits of them all: You can send mail to any one across the globe for the same amount of money as you do for someone in the next office building. E-mail takes from few minutes to reach the recipient. Rest depends when the recipient logs in and downloads their mail.

You have now read about the powers of E-mail. Now how do you set it up and get mailing. A big question still lies.
What is an E-mail Client?

An E-mail client in a layman's term would be a software that is used to send and receive E-mail. It is not a person or an organization who has or have subscribed to e-mail services. Just like you need special software for doing photo retouching and layout software to page designs, you need an E-mail Client to send and receive e-mail.

When you bought your Mac Apple included a software called Claris Emailer Lite. Also on your system or the System CD you will find Netscape Navigator. It is a browser software which also includes an E-mail client. You can use any of them. There are many more softwares available in the market and on the Internet for free downloads. You can get a copy of Eudora Lite from Qualcomm or Outlook Express from Microsoft. Microsoft probably includes Outlook express with MacOS 8.1. It is included with Microsoft Office 98 for the Macintosh too.

In this guide we are giving some information on setting up of some of these clients. As of now we will not include Eudora Lite as the author has not extensively studied it. But the documentation included with Eudora is the best among all the clients available for download or bundled. Even the Claris Emailer Lite that Apple includes does not have such good documentation. We will be including the Eudora setup guide in near future. Visit this page again for the same.

When you had installed your software for Internet, a small utility got installed inside your hard disk. It is called
Internet Config and should be located at Hard Disk: Internet: Internet Utilities: Internet Config. This software takes away a lot of pain of setting up your Mac for E-mail and other Internet facilities. You must use Internet Config to relive yourself of the pains.

Click here to know about Internet Config.

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