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Install Internet Software
Install Internet Software
Well, now that you have a account with VSNL, you have to set up your Mac to get on with your surfing and mailing. There are many more aspects to Internet we will discuss later.

For now let us put emphasize on what you will need to get connected to VSNL. It is accepted that a lot of you must have upgraded to MacOS 8. If you have not done so, do not worry. The guide to connect to VSNL using the previous version is already available and you can switch over to that section.

Setting up your Mac is as a matter of fact very easy. All you need to have is the information ready with you.

There are two options that you can use.

  1. Use the Assistant.

  2. Configure Manually using the control panels : Modem, TCP/IP, PPP.

The three conditions below must be carefully studied before you go on to configure your Mac. Reading these will save you a lot of time.

  1. If you have recently bought your Mac, all the software needed to connect is already loaded. Just go through the Assistant part of the Guide to configure your system for VSNL and then study the automation process.

  2. If you have switched off some extensions and control panel to save memory, please switch them on using Extensions Manager. The list on the right is what you will need at least.

  3. If you have a Mac on which you have configured to your needs and have removed or not installed some software please do the Installation and then move on.

The Guide is designed to provide you with maximum assistance in setting up your TCP/IP account. Please study the Read Me files that are installed when any installation is done on your computer.

Now that you have read all the points above you are ready to go on to the next level of setup.

Click here to go on with the installation.

Apple Modem Tool
Internet Access
Open Tpt AppleTalk Library
Open Tpt Internet Library
Open Transport Library
OpenTpt Modem
OpenTpt Remote Access
OpenTpt Serial Arbitrator
Serial (Built-in)
Serial Extension
Serial Tool
Shared Library Manager
SOMobjects for Mac OS
Text Encoding Converter
Text Tool
TTY Tool
VT102 Tool
WinSock Lib
XTND Power Enabler
Control Panels
System Folder
System Requirements
  1. MacOS 8 or later
  2. OpenTransport
  3. AppleScript
  4. Browsing and E-mailing Software
  5. Modem & Telephone connection
  6. TCP/IP Account with VSNL

If you have 16 MB RAM please use virtual Memory to add 16 MB more.

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