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Review: Nextlinkís Bluespoon Digital and Chameleon bluetooth headsets

By Vipul Shah

Review: Nextlinkís Bluespoon Digital and Chameleon bluetooth headsets.

This device someday is going to save your life when you are driving. Designed with keeping very demanding customers in mind, these two pricy little headsets donít have competition when you consider its size and weight of 10g and 16g It has most favorable weight to talk time ratio among all bluetooth headsets available today.

Nextlink is Denmark, based company. But headsets are actually manufactured in Japan by Mitsumi.

Bluespoon Digital costs US$350 and Bluespoon Chameleon costs US$150. Once you buy one of these units, you donít need anything else unlike other companyís headsets. It comes with universal charger, with different plugs to be used with electrical outlets around the world; also included is USB charger cable incase you are not near power outlet but you have Laptop with you. You also get soft carrying case. Both these headsets worked with all bluetooth phones we tried from Philips, Siemens, Nokia and Sony-Ericsson. They also worked well with Belkin USB Bluetooth adapter for PC.

To wear it you have to put it on your right ear in particular position and then turned counter clock wise to lock it. You canít wear it on left ear. This is very obvious drawback which I hope is corrected in future products of Nextlink. Ability to wear it on both ears is very badly needed as one needs to change it to another ear when one ear starts feeling uncomfortable. Another drawback is it has only 2 buttons with which you perform all functions like powering on, off, pairing, volume control, rejecting call etc. Remembering combination of this buttons for each function and sometime same combination of different duration can be difficult. It comes with spring feathers of different sizes and hardness to suit wearer. LED color is blue and red and uses its combinations to show you call in place, or low battery or pairing process. Audio tones of various varieties indicate volume up or down or other actions.

Both these headsets supports headset and handsfree profiles so you can do lot of things without touching mobile handset like transferring calls in both directions and redialing last number. Charging time is 90 minute. Range of these headsets was 4 to 5 meter and should not be problem if you are carrying phone in pocket or bag in same car. Nextlink Bluespoon is only headset I have used which can be worn easily with eye glasses.

Nextlink Bluespoon Digital makes very good impression with its unique digital noise cancellation making it useful in noisy public transports or airports. When compared with other well known headsets weighing 25-30 gram Bluespoon Digital at 10.2gram is weightless and invisible when worn. At US$350 it is most expensive headset available on earth. Two buttons on device are little difficult to use when headset is worn, even though both buttons are different with one being flat and one clickable. It has talk time of 6 hours which should be enough for most users as it is more then what you are offered by mobile handsets. Standby time is respectable 190 hours. Performance in open and windy places was far better then other headsets thanks to Digital noise cancellation filtering out unwanted noise.

Nextlink Bluespoon Chameleon is slightly heavier at 16gram then Bluespoon Digital, but lot cheaper at US$150. It has two buttons on its side and has better clicking response then Bluespoon Digital. Sound quality is good but not as good as Bluespoon digital. You can wear this headset on neck using carrying strap when not using it, reducing discomfort on ears. This headset also gives same 6 hour talk time and about 200 hour of standby time. Bluespoon Chameleon also comes with two exchangeable covers to personalize your headset.

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