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AtomTime95 Accurate time for your PC

by Bruce Adelsman

copyright 1996, 1997
All rights reserved, a freely distributed application


In India, to the best of my knowledge, there is no way to find the time accurately. Indian Standard Time(IST), which is official time in India is hard to come by...

We Indians have in general a cavalier attitude towards time. So IST has many other expansions... e.g. Indian Stretchable Time.

Here is highly configurable utility which at least will keep the time on your PC to within a billionth of a second. To download it Click Here (104 KB file). Just unzip it in a directory and start using it.

Suggest you read the documentation in the accompanied MS Word file.

Though it is a freeware and distributable, the author will like donations... I think such individual effort needs to be encouraged.

Raj Mehta


AtomTime95 is a 32-bit Win95 Internet (Winsock) application which will connect to the Atomic Clock time server in Boulder, CO and fetch the current atomic clock time value. It compares this value to your PC time and displays the difference. You then have the option of updating your PC clock to match the atomic clock value. There is also a command line option to have AtomTime automatically set the clock and exit.

How to Run AtomTime95

If you've made it to this document, then I'm assuming you've already "unzipped" the .zip file AtomTime95 came in. If not, use an application like WinZip to unpack the .zip file. To start AtomTime95, simply double-click on the AtomTime.exe icon.

Display Window

  • The Time Server box shows the time value as reported by the atomic clock (or other server). If there is an error in the time checking process, an error message (and possible code) will appear here.
  • The Local PC box shows the time as reported by your PC.
  • The Local PC difference window displays how far off your PC is from the time server.
  • The Check button will cause the application to gather a new timing from the time server and compare it to your local PC time.
  • The Adjust button will set your PC clock to match the time server (taking into account your time zone or hour offset, of course).
  • Note: If you have not yet checked the time difference (using the Check button), the Adjust button will have no effect.
  • The Settings button allows you to set advanced options.
  • The About buttons displays a dialog box with program and author information.
  • The Exit button terminates the application.



Execution page

This Settings page contains information on the options that control how the application executes.

  • Start Minimized: Enabling this check box will cause the application to start execution minimized.
  • Check Time when Minimized: This checkbox enables the application to run in the background and attempt to check the time roughly once a minute. When it has successfully retrieved a time server value, it will automatically restore the application and display the difference.
  • Triple Request Time Check: When this option is enabled, AtomTime will request the time server value three times to help work out network lag (mainly by keeping the pathway active). When this option is disabled, the time server value will be requested only once.


Time Server page

This page defines the address for the time server.

  • Use Atomic Clock Time Server: By default, AtomTime uses the Atomic Clock server in Boulder, CO. NOTE: This server reports the time in Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) and should work fine for everyone, regardless of where in the world you live, as long as you have the correct time zone and daylight savings settings under the Windows 95 Date/Time control panel. Wrong time zone and daylight saving settings are by far the biggest problem users encounter when using AtomTime; please double-check these settings and complain to Microsoft if it doesn't properly support your area of the world.
  • Alternate Time Server Address: If you really want to use a less accurate time server, you can turn off the Atomic Clock server and enter a time server address here.
  • Hours Offset: The number of hours ahead or behind the Alternate time server is from your local time. If you'd like to have Atomtime use your current time zone and daylight savings settings as the offset (same as Atomic Clock server option) then you can leave this field blank.

Copyright 1999 Dr. Raj Mehta. All rights reserved.