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Censorship and Internet in India: Can We Keep Internet In India free?
by Dr. Raj Mehta

Author's observations and opinions

In my experience of being associated with Internet, I come across many people who are generally in the age group of 40-60 who seek to know the urls of sex related sites. I direct them to http://www.yahoo.com and suggest they search for such sites. Usually a bit later they come and want me to show how to erase the history from the browser for sites visited.

I can understand the anxiety and wish of the parents to protect their progeny from the possible bad influence such sites might have on the children. But, I can't help but feel that if the children have a tendency to go astray then large part of the blame for this has to lie with the parents-- namely, they have failed to inculcate and instill appropriate values in the children. When it is too late the same parents want to control the environment to protect the children. But, by then it is really late. If a child has such propensity he/she will satisfy his need one way or the other.

I am appealing to parents, that if they find themselves wanting to censor information from their children, they should look at this tendency. As, I strongly believe that the impact of such tendency is far more damaging than any damage a pornographic site will do.

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