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Mail Overload

by Raj Mehta and Peter Doshi

A badly managed mail account can mean real trouble, for both TCP/IP users and Shell users alike. If your account is filled up and the entire quota has been used, you no longer have space to receive email. The result is that email addressed to you will be returned to the sender and you will never even know about it.

For Shell account users, the account may fill up because you've downloaded too many files and not bothered to delete them after you uploaded them to your hard disk. For TCP/IP users, the most common cause of a full account is email. You simply have not deleted email from long ago which remains on the VSNL server.

For those reasons, a well managed account is a must for everybody.

Cleaning up your account

Shell users:

  1. Expunge Mail from Pine:

    Login to your account and go to email option and delete all the mail that is not of consequence to you. Delete those mail which you have responded to and are not important anymore. When exiting Pine you will asked whether it can `expunge' the deleted email (as when you delete the mail it is only marked for deletion and not actually removed from the server and this gives you one more chance to save using `u' to undelete in the inbox or the folder). Answer ``Yes'' with y and hit the `Enter' key. The mail will now be removed from the server and you will have regained some space.

  2. Getting rid of files:

    Go to the Main Menu and to the UNIX prompt. At the promput type: ls -l

    This allows you to see all the files in your account including the ones you have downloaded. If you have transfered these files to your computer then delete them from your account using the command:

    rm -i filename1
    rm -i filename2
    and so on until you have deleted all the files which you no longer need.

    Issuing this command, the UNIX will ask you once more to if it can delete this file say yes and the file will be deleted. You can also use wild cards to delete group of files, but that will not be discussed here.

TCP/IP users:

TCP/IP users usually will use a email cleient such as Eudora or Communicator email clients. (MS Internet Explorer 4 users will have Outlook Experss or Outlook or something similar). If at the time of installing the client you have opted for leaving mail on the server then the piling up of email on the server becomes an issue. So to solve this problem the following steps are to be taken:

Go to the setup of the email client and uncheck the option for leaving the mail on the server.

  • Eudora user:
    1. Go to Tools - Options - Receving Mail
    2. Uncheck the box `leave mail on the server' as shown in the screen shot.


  • Netscape Communicator user:
    1. Go to Edit - Perferences - Mail & Groups - Mail Server
    2. Uncheck the box `Leave messages on server after retrieveal' as shown on the screen shot.

After following the above steps, both types of account users will have regained space. No longer will you experience the difficulties of bounced email without your knowledge, for your account is clean!

Copyright © 1996, 1997, 1998 Dr. Raj Mehta. All rights reserved.