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Your Disk Quota
By Dr. Raj Mehta

Do you ever wonder how much mail you can receive before your mail bounces back? How many files you can store in your account before you have get locked?

VSNL have fixed quota for both your mail and file storage.

For your mail the space allowed on the VSNL server for your use is 2MB. This limit applies to all users--both TCP/IP and shell. If TCP/IP users configure their email software such that it does not leave mail on the server, then they never have to worry about the mailbox being locked out. If however they leave on the mail on the server, then periodically they have to log on to the shell account and delete the mail manually. Shell account holders of course have to delete the mail periodically, or your mail will bounce back to the sender when the mailbox exceeds the limit of 2 MB.

On the server you have space of 3 MB for storage of files. If you exceed that limit your account will get locked out and you won't be able to logon via shell access. This is mostly applies to shell account users as they may download some files from Internet into their account. "The Guide" recommends that you should delete such files as soon as you download to your computer. If the file you are downloading exceeds 3 MB than the file cannot be saved in the account. In that instance they should save the file to /tmp directory and then download immediately to their computer as /tmp is deleted every so often.

Of course TCP/IP users do not have to worry about this file limit of VSNL. When downloading files from Internet, the files comes directly to their computer.

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