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Free Fax Over Internet:
Send International Faxes free of cost.

by Raj Mehta

There is a site: http://www.tpc.int   which provides a facility to send free faxes all over the world. You can send the faxes directly from the website or use email to send the fax. 

One limitation, it does not cover every part of the  world but does cover the major part of USA. For the coverage list click here. Also, strongly recommend that you visit the www.tpc.int site to learn the effective use of this service. Fortunately, Bombay, Delhi and Madras in India are covered. The best part is it's free of cost. The use of email to send the fax may be a bit more complicated, but with a little effort you will be able to know how to address the email to send the message to a fax machine.

Of course the web based interface is much easier to use.

The main trick in sending the fax through email, is filling how the addressing part of the email i.e. the To: field.

The format for the address in the To: field is following:

The recipient name should be in this format:

  • Use the name of the recipient you wish to have on the coversheet.
  • The character '_' is converted to a space
  • The character '/' is converted to start a new line

The fax numbers should adhere to following conventions:

  • Do not use long distance and international access codes
  • Begin with country code (1=USA, 44=UK, etc)
  • Strip out punctuation characters
  • Maximum number of digits is 15

Let us take and an example. Suppose that you wish to send a fax to  say Madhuri Dixit, who stays in Mumbai. Madhuri Dixit's fax no. is 91-22-1234567 (wish I knew her fax number/email address. Oh well!). To send her a fax, this is how you will fill out the address field in the email software or in the To field:

1. Write in  TO field of email software the following:

without the quotes.

2. Write your text message in the body of the mail, as you do in normal E-mail.

3. Send the E-mail.

That's it.

You may soon receive an E-mail confirmation that the fax is sent.

The fax might take around 24 hours to reach the destination.If you want to get a more extensive coverage and faster service, you will have to use commercial service e.g. http://www.faxsav.com.  There are many other such companies too. However they are not free, they charge a "fee" for the service.

Happy faxing.

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