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Forgot Your Password?
By Dr. Raj Mehta

The userid and password are there for the security of your account. You must guard it and not share it.

The password chosen should be such that others may not be able to guess it or crack it. But this is a double edged sword. If the password is unbreakable then it may be hard to remember.

In case you forget your password what should you do? How can you have access to your account again?

VSNL has a strict procedure for issuing another password. This procedure is designed to make sure that someone else may not get access to your account.

Please note that VSNL cannot find out what your forgotten password was. They can only issue a new one. To get new password issued by you will have to go to a VSNL office, closest to you with a proof that you are the rightful owner of the account, and pay a fee of Rs. 100/=. A new password will be issued to you, most of the time on the spot.

Some VSNL centers can do this without you physically going to their office. They may require you to fax your account details and they will fax you back the password. The details of the procedure varies from office to office.

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