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Free Email Account

complied by Dinyar Lala


Do you want your own email account so that you have PRIVACY? Here are some providers on the NET which give you free email account where you can pick up your mail using email software e.g. Outlook Express, or Netscape Messenger or Eudora. These accounts are like your VSNL accounts and different than Web based email accounts like Hotmail.


Free Email Providers:

  1. AmExMail - Free Pop email, web-based email, and email forwarding services. Best Pick.
  2. Computer Central Free Email - Pop email and mail forwarding.
  3. Crosswinds - Free Pop mail and unlimited free web space.
  4. Cyberlistings Email - Free Pop email and email forwarding for real estate agents only.
  5. Freemail - Free Pop email.
  6. Free Stamp - Free Pop email.
  7. ForFree - Free Pop email and web site hosting with mailing list server service.
  8. Geocities - Free Pop email, web-based email, and website hosting.
  9. H&H Development - Free Pop email with homepage.
  10. Hempseed.com - Free Pop email with this politically charged sight.
  11. ID-base e-m@il - Free Pop and web-based email.
  12. iMailBox - Free Pop email for 30 days.
  13. Macfreak - Free Pop email. Send a message to postmaster@macfreak.com in order to request a pop email account.
  14. MailandNews - Free Pop email and access to USENET news server
  15. Net@ddress - Free Pop email.
  16. NetTaxi - Free Pop email and a 3Meg website (3Mb).
  17. PolBox - Free Pop email.
  18. SoftHome - Free Pop email.
  19. Teleserve Mail - Free Pop and web-based email.

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