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Introduction to HTML

Tools Required - An ASCII text editor.
Understanding HTML Tags
More Tags some essential tags.
BODY Tag revisited
Some Important links: List of links which will help you get started

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World Wide Web Consortium - Organization which defines HTML Standards
Validation Service - Validate your HTML codet


Tools Required: An ASCII text editor

At the very least you will need an editor, a browser to check your work and ideally a connection to the Internet. Beyond  these are some software tools specialised for HTML document  preparation and editing, and others for developing and   preparing accessory multimedia files.

Use any text editor to create HTML documents, as long as it can save your work on disk in ASCII text file format. You can see the effects of your creation using any popular browser.

Remember, browsers differ in how they display a page, not all  browsers implement all of the HTML standards, and some have  their own special extensions to the language.


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