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Introduction to HTML

Tools Required - An ASCII text editor.
Understanding HTML Tags
More Tags some essential tags.
BODY Tag revisited
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BODY Tag revisited

The attributes of the <BODY> tag are given below.

  • alink=color : set the color of the active hypertext  links in the document

  • background=URL : specify the URL of the image to be tiled in the document background

  • bgcolor=color : set the background color of the document

  • bgproperties=value : if the value is fixed the background will not scroll with the text

  • leftmargin=value : left margin in pixels

  • link=color : set the color of the unvisited hyperlink in the text

  • text=color : set the color of the regular text in the document

  • topmargin=value : top margin in pixels

  • vlink=color : set the color of the visited links in  the document

In all cases where color is to be specified , it can be done
as a six-digit hexadecimal number that represents the red, green and blue components of the color. The first two digits indicate the red component, the next two specify the green component and the other two correspondto the blue component.

A value of 00 indicates that the component is completely off and FF indicates that the componet is fully on. Thus bright red is FF0000. Other colors are derived by mixing these three colors. Thus yellow is FFFF00, magenta is FF00FF. White is FFFFFF and black is 000000.

If all visited links are to be colored magenta then use

<BODY vlink="#FF00FF">

It is difficult to specify the hexadecimal values of many esoteric colors. You can go crazy adjusting the values of red, green and blue. So, browsers allow you to use certain standard color names. They vary from browser to browser.

Example : <BODY vlink="magenta">

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