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by Kushal Shah-- kushal@roketmail.com


Ever since appearence of man on this planet, music has been integral part of human experience. Of course in distance past, in the tribal setting, bards had a very important place at all the group activities. It almost remained in this form till 19th century. In pervious century on or about 1877, in US inventors were able to record and play the sound on a rotating drum and disks. Of course this meant that we, the Mr. Average had sound at our disposal to enjoy. Then 20th century saw the discovery of tape and cassette recorders and players. Their size reduced with the availability of microchips and we have walkmans etc. to high provide fidelity recorded sound to enjoy, learn and use in many other ways. Of course initially all music technology was analog. With advances in digital electronics, digital sound replaced the older standard and gave fidelity not imaginable before.

With computers and Internet making appearance in this decade, sound technology took another leap. Storage of the sound and specifically, delivering sound over distances required considerable compression. With high high speed microprocessors became available at affordable costs, this technology got boost and now we have many standards for compression and providing streaming sound over the distances even with present limited bandwidth. Present standards which are suitable for this: Real Audio, Liquid Audio and now MP3. The latter give the largest compression.

This article by Kushal Shah brings us up to date to what this new technology is all about and how it is new rage over the Internet and how people are going after it. A few words about Kushal Shah. He is very dynamic young man with lot of initiative. He is very knowledgeable about MP3. Any question regarding MP3 can be answered by him. Please do contact Kushal Shah.

Find another use of your computer and enjoy hours of music on it.

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