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NetBus a Nasty Trojan

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NetBus: Nasty cousin of Back Orifice.
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NetBus: Nasty cousin of Back Orifice 

The Guide recommends.
by Dr. Raj Mehta


  • Don't even receive any greeting cards from even friends. Delete them as soon as you download. As, your friends may possibly be  forwarding the card and one does not know from what source this started. Remember this is the age of AIDS. You have to take the precaution.

  • Don't receive any file from anyone you don't trust either through ICQ or IRC

  • Be cautious about the attachment you receive by email.

  • Don't visit websites which may be questionable in nature.

  • If you realize that your system has been infected, don't go on the Internet at all until you have corrected the problem, and that may not be easy.

  • Immediately log on to shell account and change your password by
    dialing to shell account.

  • Use a boot diskette from a system that you know is uninfected and
    write-protect any diskettes before you insert them into the infected

  • Do not use any web-based password facilities, even those offered by
    VSNL. Instead change your password through your shell account.
    Directions are available.

  • If you believe your computer's security has been compromised, please
    contact us immediately.

  • Don't trust anyone on the NET as far as files are receiving the files.

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