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A Robot and A Rishi

Robot:Survey of Artificial Intelligence and its ability to replace human thinking and feeling.
Rishi:A very brief exposition of Indian spiritual discoveries.

A Robot and A Rishi:
A Critique of Computers
by Dr. Raj Mehta

“Rishi: I have spent 84,000 lifetimes to come to the state of non-attachment to the things of this world.

Robot: Oh! See I just have to flick this switch and I am detached from everything.”


Recently, the proponents of computer technology have been very vociferous about the applicability of computers to every possible task in life, claiming it to be a panacea for all human ills. I think very few will disagree that the computer is a crown jewel of the western technological endeavor. It promises to relieve humans of many repetitive chores and to act as a tool for organizing our resources, and possibly also, it promises to help us avoid some of the physical drudgery associated with living. However, seeing its power, some zealots may have gone a bit too far to claim that, in the near future, the computer may have the capability to think and feel closely like a human being.

In this article, we examine in some detail what goes on behind the scenes in a computer and also present the views of some of the critics of computer technology.

On the other end of the spectrum of human endeavor lie the attempts of the Rishis to go beyond the foibles of humans and attain a state of perfect peace. This has been the thrust of all Indian spiritual practice. We take a look also at these attempts made by the Rishis.

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