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Unimobile The World's First Internet Mobile

Download Unimobile version 2: Click Here

Unimobile is now in version 2.0 !

The world's coolest mobile doesn't come in a box...it's on your desktop! Unimobile is a FREE downloadable Internet tool that communicates with ANY mobile device (cellular phone, pager, PDA, etc.) ANYWHERE in the world. It operates on the world's largest, fastest-growing Internet-to-Mobile Network.

Use your Unimobile to:

  • Send (and receive!) instant messages to your buddy, or a group of buddies, ANYWHERE in the world - both on your desktop Unimobile, and on your cellphone, pager, PDA, or any other mobile device.
  • Know instantly whether your buddies can be reached at their desktops or on their mobile devices!
  • Be part of an exciting global community!

The full version can also be downloaded from Unimobile Home: http://download.unimobile.com/download/UnimobileSetup.exe

Unimobile works as a desktop or wireless interface that enables desktop messaging, personal email delivery, and delivery of custom Internet content to your desktop or personal mobile device (including mobile phones, pagers, and PDAs).

homepage: http://www.unimobile.com/

System requirements

Windows - 95/98/NT
Internet Explorer - version 4.0 and above

Processor- Intel Pentium or equivalent
RAM- 32 MB
Hard Disk- 15 MB of free hard disk space.

Note: Permission to Host this software was given by Mr. Udhay Shankar of Gray Cell.

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