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By Rajesh Jain
Note: One of the most often question to the author is that how does one use Internet for economic advantage? Following three articles by Shri Rajesh Jain of Ravi Database Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai India, gives partial answer to this question. These articles are originally published in their webzine Indialine in the web.columns section. Rajesh has graciously given his permission to include these in this Users' Guide. Many such articles of interest can be read at http://www.indialine.com.
World Wide Web is a new medium to be used for many activities. One of it major use it has been put to is the advertising of the products, using it to promote one's business activities. Following are three articles to give you a jumpstart:
  1. An Internet Strategy for Small Businesses
  2. Advertising on the Internet
  3. Web Site Creation and Management

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