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Application Forms For VSNL Services supplied by B.P. Khurana of VSNL, Mumbai.

Presently the process of applying for services of VSNL is time consuming as it requires at least couple of trips to local VSNL office. By the courtesy of VSNL we are placing the forms on the WEB in Microsoft Word format which may be downloaded and hence can save you at least one trip to VSNL office.

The forms on this page are:

  • Download form for Dialup Account Click Here.
  • Download form for Leased Lines Click Here.
  • Download form for Web related services Click Here.
  • Download from for Renewing your account for additional hours or for the whole year Click Here.
  • Download form for VSNL Page Plus Service Click Here
  • Download form for VSNL Page Mail Service Click Here
  • View & Print a Dialup Account form Click Here.
  • View & Print a Dialup Account Renewal form for Mumbai Click Here
  • View & Print a Dialup Account Renewal form for Pune Click Here

Steps for Applying for VSNL service yourself.

  1. Download the appropriate form this page and print it and fill it out.
  2. To find out the amount to be paid to VSNL Click Here.
  3. Get a Banker's cheque or a Draft made out to "Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited"
  4. Send the appropriately filled out form to the VSNL office and submit to customer relations.

Steps for Applying through a VSNL Agent:

VSNL has appointed agents in Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Calcutta, Bangalore & Pune who will process the forms for you without any cost. These agents get commission from VSNL. To see the list and the contact phone numbers and addresses for these agents in these cities Click Here.

One word of caution when using agents. The process of receiving the account may be delayed when you go through the agents. As, they usually try to collect a few forms to take them for processing. Also, you are supposed to receive some support after you get an VSNL account from the agent, but lot of reports are there that they do not provide any support. So Beware.

For Foreign Visitors to India wishing Internet Access:

Foreign visitors who are wanting an access to Internet, VSNL has special provisions. They can fill up the form download from this page and take it to a VSNL office. They may pay for it by a credit card. They will be charged $100.00 for 100 hrs. of access for 3 months. The userid and the password will be given across the counter.

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