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Account Status

This page has links to Web based utilities which permits the users of Bombay, Delhi, Chennai, Calcutta, Pune and Bangalore to find out their account status--the hours left/or hours used and the expriy date.

Bombay Users Click Here.

Delhi Users Click Here

Chennai Users Click Here

Calcutta Users Click Here

Pune Users Click Here

Bangalore Users Click Here

"The Guide" still recommands that you should logon to your shell account(If one is provided to you by VSNL e.g. in case bom5.vsnl.net.in, shell account is not provided). Find out the phone number to dailup the server in your city from the "Access phone nos. in different cities". Logon to the shell account by using either Hyperterminal which is part of Windows95, or any other terminal emulation software. After you login the first screen will give you the needed information. For now, this is the only reliable and consistant way to obtain the account information.

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