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URLs - technical reference (April 11, 1997)
Browser Basics: URLs

How do I go to one?

You and your friend are talking on the phone, and he recommends going to see ``h-t-t-p-colon-doubleslash-
The first think you'll want to do is accurately translate this into something that the computer can understand. Please make a firm note that most web pages start with http://   After the http:// comes the hostname usually split up with ``dots.'' These dots are actually the period key on your keyboard. So the ``www-dot-c-net-dot-com'' translates into www.cnet.com. Though it isn't necessary, many hostnames start with www, like cnet.com does. This is to tip off the reader that this is their World Wide Web address. There can be exceptions, though, such as The Guide, whose URL is http://guide.vsnl.net.in/. Though it does not start with www, it is nevertheless, a web site just the same.

Note: The browser, like most computer programs, is very particular to command issued to it. Therefore the URL you insert must be exactly correct, as the browser cannot guess the address so. To avoid confusion, always insert the address (URL) exactly as you have it. Do not get in the habit of adding the prefix www in front of an address. Just be precise about the address and feed the browser the URL excatly as you have read or been given.

To get to a web page, you must tell your browser the URL. Let's use http://www.cnet.com/ as an example. If you're using:

Netscape, you'll see a ``Location'' field. In that field, erase what is currently there and replace it with the URL you would like to go to. Then (of course), hit the `Enter' key.

In addition, you have the option of using the menus. File - Open Page will bring up a window in which you can type your URL.

Internet Explorer, there is a similar ``Location'' field in which you can type the URL. You can also use the File menu method as in Netscape.

After clicking, the browser will attempt to fetch your webpage.

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