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Browser Basics: Bookmarks

Sooner or later, you will come to a webpage that you really like. You may even want to return to that webpage at some other time (perhaps the next time you connect). So, the question arises: how do you get back to your favorite pages? Well, one solution is to write them all down on paper or in a document on the computer. But browsers have a solution in themselves. These are called `Bookmarks.' Bookmarks allow you to save the location of a favorite webpage in just a few clicks. Noting the URL down is done for you.

How to create them

To make a bookmark, you will have to figure out where on your browser this can be done. For Netscape Communicator 4.x, click on the `Bookmarks' pull down list (next to the `Location: ' field and select `Add bookmark.' For Netscape 3.x, you can do this by choosing the `Bookmarks' menu and again clicking `Add Bookmark.'


If you're like me, you'll be bookmarking like crazy and soon enough, the list will be too long and atrocious to handle. This is when you need to start organizing them into topics.

To organize them, click on Bookmarks - Edit Bookmarks. In this window, you can create folders, and move around your bookmarks putting them in the order you want. This is all done by dragging the entries (bookmarks) around.

Ultimate Bookmark Lists

Yahoo <http://www.yahoo.com/> is a complete `Web Directory,' which essentially is a giant bookmark list. They've listed thousands upon thousands of sites and have them completely organized. Visit it to help you find information by category. Note, though, that a `directory' is different than a search engine. Search engines don't organize things for you the way a directory does. Yahoo is a WWW Directory, and not a search engines. The search feature at Yahoo searching it's own archive of bookmarks, and doesn't really search the web the way search engines do.

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