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Browser Basics II

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Browser Basics II: Tips for speeding the Web Browsing

If you've ever clicked a link and then waited, waited, and waited for a page to appear or a file to download, you know that the Internet is sometimes unpredictable. It can be that way because so many factors affect how fast a particular page or file travels from the Web site to your desktop.

You'll probably notice significant improvement if you follow these pointers to ensure you're getting the best possible performance from your computer and software:

  • Be sure you're using the latest version of your browser software.
  • Consider buying a faster modem. As of early 1997, standard modems transmit data at the rate of 28,800 to 33,600 baud. Presently, however, modems that work at 56,000 baud are available in the market. We recommend a modem of at least 28,800 baud.

  • Try to browse during off-peak hours, when traffic on the Internet is likely to be light.
  • Turn off sound and images in your browser. If you're willing to settle for text only, pages will load much faster.
  • As a last resort, if a page still seems to be loading too slowly, or so slowly that you think it may be stuck, just click the Stop button on your browser's toolbar to cancel the page, and try again in a few minutes.

The following factors also influence data transfer rates to a certain degree, but they may be more difficult to control:

  • The type of server used by your online service or ISP as well as the type of connecting lines carrying data into and out of the server
  • The type of server and connecting lines used by the Web site to which you're connecting
  • The size of the file you're downloading (graphics files, and especially sound and video files, can be very large)
  • The number of other users trying to access the same Web site at the same time

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