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Help! The answer to my question isn't in this FAQ. Now what do I do?
If you are sure that your question hasn't been answered in the FAQ, feel free to ask us. Use our Feedback Form.

How do I change my password?
Please see "Changing your password" for information on how to do this.

How do I find out how many hours are remaining in my account?
Please see "Changing your password" page and notice the text bolded:

EXPIRY DATE = 4.2.1999
You will see something similar if you just follow the directions. Remember to enter your hostname, which would be the first value after the @ in your email address. For example, the hostname of i4u@bom2.vsnl.net.in is bom2.

Why can't I get my email?
There are many possible answers to this question. The most obvious is that you don't have your software (Netscape Messenger, Outlook Express, etc) configured correctly. In that case, please read the directions on setting up email. If you're SURE those are right, though, then the problem may be more complex.

Another reason is the possibility of your mailbox being full. It could be locked, and to fix this you must contact VSNL directly. Calling VSNL by phone should be your next step.

Why can't I send any email?
Your SMTP server is probably incorrect. Setup your email software to use the SMTP server the city of the server you are dialing into. This means that even if you are a Delhi user, and you happen to be in Bombay, you must use the Bombay SMTP server. To find the correct SMTP server, look at the list of Important VSNL Servers.

I paid a LOT of money for my account to be renewed and the hours still haven't been updated!
In case the renewal formalities have been completed in advance,the renewal will be effective only when the present term of the a/c is expired or all usage hrs are consumed and even in those cases where the renewal is made only after the expiry of the a/c it's done within a day

What are the rates for getting an Internet account?
Please see this page.

How can I tell if somebody is using my account?
You can regularly telnet into your shell account (even TCP/IP users can do this), and check for a line that says usage between last two updates. Notice this value is in seconds, so divide by 60 to find out how many minutes that is. If that seems reasonable amount of usage for the day, there probably isn't anybody using your account. Remember to check this regularly.

How can I get a second email address?
There are many online and free services providing web-based email. The most notable is Hotmail.com, but it is now owned by Microsoft, and so we discourage you from using it. Far more superior services are offered by Yahoo.com, Netscape, Usa.net, Snap.com.

We highly recommend you make at least one web-based email account. This can be very useful when having email problems, as the lines of communication can still be kept open.

My modem won't stay connected! What can I do?
Please see this page for help.

What are my POP3 and SMTP servers supposed to be?
You can see the entire list here.

How can I read newsgroups?
Configure your news server (also known as the NNTP server) as news.vsnl.net.in Note, though, that currently this server isn't too great and doesn't provide access to many newsgroups. You'll find a whole lot more, and in a searchable format, at DejaNews.com

How do I configure my system to work with a VSNL TCP/IP account?
Both directions for Windows 95 and Windows 3.x are currently available.

How do I configure Outlook Express?
You can find directions Windows and the Macintosh.

However, we don't recommend you use Outlook Express as almost every time a email security alert comes out, Outlook is the first program to be found vulnerable to attacks. Instead use a program such as Eudora or Eudora Light

Also, please turn off HTML formatted email. Even today, many people choose not to use email clients which cannot read this. It ends up looking like garbage on their machine and you'll probably get flamed for doing so.

How do I configure Internet Explorer?
The same as above applies for Internet Explorer. Since we don't use Internet Explorer, we haven't put up a page on how to configure it. If you'd like to do this, you're welcome to and we'll post it on The Guide.

Can I post my own articles on The Guide?
Sure! Just send us a copy of the text and we'll work something out.

Your links are broken. Fix them.
While we try to fix all broken links, we cannot always find them all. If you have found a broken link, please let us know.

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