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This page has links to Web based utilities which permits the users of Bombay, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and Calcutta to change their password.

Bombay Users Click Here

Chennai Users Click Here

Delhi Users Click Here

Bangalore Users Click Here

Pune Users Click Here

Calcutta Users Click Here

To change your password, "The Guide" still recommands that you should logon to your shell account(if that is availale to you). Find out the phone number to dailup the shell account in your city from the "Access phone nos. in different cities". Logon to the shell account by using either Hyperterminal which is part of Windows95, or any other terminal emulation software. After you login the second screen will give you the main menu. Their choose "New Password" option and follow the procedure given there for changing the password. For now, this only the most reliable and consistant way to change the password.

If you are not sure about how to pick a password, check the guidelines below.

Guidelines for choosing a password:

Most people choose their password for its convenience. Unfortunately, what is convenient for them is convenient also for a hacker. Systems managers all over the world believe that 80% of computer break-ins are caused by poor password choice.

Passwords are cracked by computer programs which use a dictionary of common words. So to make a password difficult to crack, pick a password which:

  • Is at least 6 characters long.
  • Has a mixture of uppercase characters, lowercase characters, and numbers.
  • Is not a word found in a dictionary.

Some people find it difficult to pick a password of this type, which they can also remember. However, you have no alternative, if you don't want a hacker to break your password.

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