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Renewal of VSNL's Dial up Internet Account Steps for Renewal of the VSNL's Internet Account
by Dr. Raj Mehta

Recently there has been spate of mail to TheGuide enquiring about how to renew a VSNL's Internet account. It is really quite straight forward. There are basically four steps involved for the procedure:

  1. For Mumbai Users renewal can be done easier than other places. Please go to the URL Other VSNL centers to be shortly added to this list.

    For Other VSNL Center Use the Following Procedure:

  2. Go to the web page which has the forms for renewal of the account. Either download a Microsoft Word format from and print it. Or print the form directly off the site.

  3. Go to the web page giving the tariff for the renewal of the account. Determine the amount which applies for you.

  4. Get a bank draft or banker's cheque made for this amount.

  5. Find out the nearest VSNL office to your city form the web page giving this information. Send the filled out form and the draft/banker's cheque via through some person or mail it by registered post to the Dy. General Manager (CR) of that VSNL office.

This is it. Your account will be renewed.

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