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Understanding and Using Newsgroups
A Glossary of Terms
by Peter Doshi

There are many new terms and acronyms you might run across while getting accustomed to news. Here's a few to give you a jump start.

AFAIK -- As far as I know

BTW -- By the way
FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions (see below)
HAND -- Have a nice day
HTH -- Hope this helps
IMO -- In My Opinion
IMHO -- In My (Humble/Honorific) Opinion (often the ``humble'' is tongue and cheek
OTOH -- On the other hand
RTFM -- Read the [fine] manual
A document which answers Frequently Asked Questions about a topic. You are expected to check here before asking for help, because chances are, many people might have already asked that same question, making it a Frequently Asked Question.
A particularly nasty message. (This word also applies to regular email)
Somebody who just reads news but never posts
A newsgroup is said to be Moderated when there is a `moderator', a person who must approve all message before posting. The process will appear the same to you, but will explain why it might take some time before your message appears in a newsgroup. The idea is that a moderated is likely to have more useful content, devoid of spam and useless, off-topic posts.
Software which handles Usenet
News Server
The machine which all newsreaders connect to. Usually, there is a local news server for wherever you might be. At VSNL the news server is named
verb. The action of sending in a message to a newsgroup. The type of message does not matter. It can be a reply or even a new message. Both constitute an action called posting.
noun. A message in a newsgroup
Also called emoticons. Here are some examples:

:)   - Smile
:^)  - Smile (with a nose)
:-)  - Another smile with a nose
:(   - Frowning
:-(  - Frowning (with a nose)
;-)  - Wink and smile
and the list goes on...

An excessive number of identical postings to multiple newsgroups. This practice is discouraged because of its drain on network resources. In a more general sense, it can also mean an excess of any data, such as an extremely large file posted to a newsgroup.
A particular discussion inside a newsgroup which has many posts or replies to the original article.
Another word for "News", which stands for the "User's Network" The collection of all newsgroups.

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