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Security & Privacy--20001222

"Dangerous Kriz virus spread by other worms"

The Kriz virus may be sitting on your desktop, waiting for its Dec. 25 trigger date. Kriz, spread throughout the year by other worms, infects Windows 95, 98, NT and 2000 systems. It has destructive potential, with the capability to destroy files on floppy disks, hard drives, network drives, as well as the computer's BIOS.


Shore up your defenses by learning how to detect unknown viruses in this Kaspersky Labs article, "Detection of an unknown virus" at:

HoneyNet Project

"The honeynet project is a group of 30 security professionals dedicated to learning the tools, tactics, and motives of the blackhat community and sharing those lessons learned. The team collects this information on their own time with their own resources. The primary method for obtaining information is through the use of a Honeynet. "

Best Internet Security Freeware of 2000 Awards

In the spirit of the holidays, is providing its first annual best of the year no-cost Internet security software and service awards. To stop hackers for the holidays, every computer user should install anti-virus, personal firewall, and other security software. All of the following programs and services are free for personal use. Each program or service was selected based on favorable online reviews. Links to download sites for these free programs and services are available at:

  • Personal Firewalls - ZoneAlarm (Zone Labs) and Tiny Personal Firewall (Tiny Software).
  • Anti-Virus -- InnoculateIT Personal Edition, Computer Associates.
  • Ad Blockers -- AdSubtract SE (Intermute) and WebWasher.
  • Email Encryption -- Pretty Good Privacy (PGP Security) and the email service.
  • Kid Safe Surfing - Surfmonkey.
  • Home Networking -- Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing (ICS).
  • Password Protection -- Password Safe, Counterpane Internet Security.
  • Spyware Removal - Ad-aware, Lavasoft.
  • Trojan Horse Capture - SurfinGuard, Finjan Software.
  • Online Security Testing Services -- Security Space and Hackerwacker.
  • Software Update Services - Microsoft's "critical updates", C/Net's CatchUp and ZDNet's

Best Comparative Personal Firewall Review - "An Analysis of Mini-Firewalls for Personal Use", Sean Boran,, December 11, 2000.

The Home PC Firewall Guide at is an unusual security web site because its intended audience is home and SOHO (small office, home office) end users. The Guide offers a comprehensive selection of security articles, software and hardware product reviews, and online testing sites.

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