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Resources Around the WWW--Edition 43

G r e a t R e s o u r c e s

Excellent www resources - India

Bharatiya Mutual Fund


a Hindi site on personal finance, caters specifically to the mutual funds segment in India. The English version of this site, www.mutualfundsindia.com, has already been rated amongst the Top 150 sites of the world by Forbes magazine.

Source: www.indiawebsites.com

Design Arcade, a design portal


Designs and design based products - mostly textiles, but could be adapted for applications like Wallpaper, Tiling, Furnishing, Graphic Art, Interiors, Advertising, Packaging, Jewelry, Fashion, Garments etc. Facilitates Designers to interact with the industries.

Source: www.indiawebsites.com

BritishBuyers launched


Provides detailed and upto date information on British importers of almost every consumer and industrial product. Site includes info about every importer, his business name, address and contact numbrs.

Source: www.indiawebsites.com

Mumbai4kids set up


Planet4kids.com has launched its firtst city-centric site - it's a guide with an aim to entertain kids and families.

Source: www.indiawebsites.com

LT Trade Portal on Financial Services


Jointly hosted by L&T, Bluestone Capital Partners and L.P.USA (Trade.com) - choice of brokers, banks and depsitory participants.

Source: www.indiawebsites.com

A virtual Birbal


Get free expert advice from fellow-Indians from all over the globe in three major categories - Technology, Personal Interests and Academics.

Source: www.indiawebsites.com

Link to the media of your choice


to keep pace with the world. Current affairs and General Knowledge, claims to be India's one of its kind.

Source: www.indiawebsites.com

Helpful Information to the disabled


their families and general public on education, employment, health, legal aid, sports etc, has the support of the Federation for the Welfare of the Mentally Retarded (India)

Source: www.indiawebsites.com

Site for ennuchs,the estranged group


an effort to bring them back to the mainstream society. The site has sections on Society, Lifestyle, AChievers, Historicals, Blessings, Myths & Facts.

Source: www.indiawebsites.com

E x c e l l e n t WWW R e s o u r c e s

SOAR - Searchable Online Archive of Recipes

Don't know what to have for dinner? Can't find that old favorite recipe? This is the place to look! The Searchable Online Archive of Recipes, known simply as SOAR is exactly what its name says; a huge database of recipes that you can search online. This Archive of Recipes boasts a whopping index of 70,000 recipes.


Newcomer to search engines, no problem!

This site is the simplest to use until you get familiar with the way to use them. This search engine allows you to ask a question in plain English eg: "where can I find xxxxxx software version 6.6" "Where can I find auto parts" etc etc.


Alexander the Great on the Web

An exhaustive guide and web directory about Alexander the Great and his times. Also covers related aspects of Macedonian, Persian and Hellenistic history, art and culture.


Source: Ben Cooper

The ClearPlan Easy Fertility Monitor

The ClearPlan Easy Fertility Monitor is the most advanced method to maximize your chances of getting pregnant. For women trying to conceive, the Monitor more accurately identifies more fertile days each menstrual cycle than any other ovulation prediction method.


Source: Klaar Von Alle

vid Class

At vidClass, we offer video learning tutorials that you can download over the Internet and save to your computer. Once the download has completed, you can view them over and over again as many times as you wish! Learn the latest dance moves, tips and tricks from the latest Internet software, and more!


YouCanWorkFromAnywhere (YCWFA)

YouCanWorkFromAnywhere is the "Resource for the Mobile Workforce dedicated to providing you with information, tips, tools, articles, ideas and other resources to help improve the productivity of telecommuters, mobile workers, road warriors and home-based workers." Yougottalovethename!



is the world's first comprehensive and free typing tutor delivered online. This free typing tutor has animated instructors, games, interesting material and 250+ lessons. Learn to type with EasyType typing tutor the fastest and best typing instruction.


Source: Gates House by Mouse

"A clickable tour of the Bill Gates estate."


Great Utilities


This Windows 95/98/NT utility resides in the system tray and monitors your POP3 and Hotmail accounts. You can mark unwanted messages for deletion without opening and retrieve headers of each new message for off-line viewing. This way, you can avoid having to download large attachments or spam. Download free at

http://www.danere.com/ .


You too can encrypt your email for free. Hushmail has unveiled a free plugin which works with Netscape, Microsoft Outlook Express, Eudora and Pegasus. And it's proof against the FBI's Carnivore surveillance program. See


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