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Resources Around the WWW--Edition 47

E x c e l l e n t R e s o u r c es

Experts Exchange

We connect you with other qualified experts, give you access to our ever-growing KnowledgeBase of IT solutions, and provide fast solutions to your toughest tech questions

Source:Timothy Riage -

Worlds of searching

A lot of people have been working to help you look up things on the Internet, and have dreamed up search tools especially for kids that can find just the right stuff you're interested in or need. However, using these tools requires practice and skills that not many people (even grown-ups) knew about until recently. These pages are meant to teach you these skills in fun ways. It's up to you to practice them.

Source:Ben Cooper -

BBC Online: Education

BBC Education. Access to excellent learning resources for adults and children. Lots of subjects - history, science, languages, health, work skills, culture, technology, arts, literature, business, nature, life, leisure.


Guide to e-Commerce

This Web guide may be viewed as a beginner's introduction to the topic, providing links to various aspects of e-commerce including international commerce, technical information, legal resources, online journals and newspapers, industry and association guides, and government policies.


World Surfari

Award winning education site for students, parents and teachers takes you on a virtual surfari to a new country each month. World Surfari - learn about the history, geography, culture, government of a new country each month.

Source:Ben Cooper -

Albawaba - Arabia Portal

A new bi-lingual Middle Eastern portal [... with] information on the Middle Eastern economy and business sectors, along with politics, tourism, culture, legal issues, health, entertainment and sports. News items, in-depth reports and analysis on all these topics are undertaken daily. Includes a keyword search facility

Source:Ben Cooper -

Does Your High Cholesterol Put You At Risk of Angina, Heart Attack Or Sudden Death?

Take this free risk assessment and find out. The Healthy Hearts Online Cardiovascular Risk Assessment will securely and confidentially tell you your risk of developing angina pectoris (chest pain on exertion) or having a heart attack or sudden cardiac death.

Source:Buddy Blue -

Quote World

QuoteWorld is the best Quote website for one reason: lots and lots of quotes that you can search, and if you don't find what you are looking for you can use the forum, and there's extra features,and it looks really good, and is easy to use...

Source: - Curt's Corner in Cyberspace

The Land of Music

The Land of Music is a wonderful world where notes, other musical symbols and instruments come alive. The characters teach how to read, write and enjoy music through songs, stories, games, movement, puzzles and books. The songs and activities teach the theory concept as well as positive values.

Source:Ben Cooper -


Welcome to Clint, an online tribute to one of cinemas most talented and best-loved stars! With a career that spans over six decades, from television, to hit movies, to winning Academy Awards, Clint Eastwood has established himself as one of the greatest and most respected actors and directors Hollywood and the world has ever seen.

Source:Ben Cooper -

U s e f u l U t i l i t i e s

The PetFish Company presents cyberpet fish to bring life to your PC. Download a free PetFish today. Watch their realistically rendered animations in your cyber aquarium. A desktop companion which has its autonomous mind

Source: The Listateer -

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