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The Web based access to your Email:


Important Note: This utility is in BETA TEST Phase!

If you have never used it before the you MUST read:

TheGuideMail is a  web-based email utility that will  work with POP3 email account holders. This utility will not work for any other type of email accounts, e.g. web-based email accounts like hotmail. TheGuideMail allows you to check your email when you are not near your own machine, from where you normally collect your email using an email software e.g. Eudora, Netscape Messanger or Outlook Express. This is very useful  if e.g. you are travelling and are in another city in India or abroad or at a friend's house where you can use a computer connected to Internet. You can use it from any cyber cafe too.

Though it can be used any POP3 account, it is best suited for VSNL based POP3 account as it will give your a quick response. It permits you to   read/reply/send/delete/forward email all through a web-browser without any additional software.

New users: Please read the help page before using the  TheGuideMaill. Some important issues to be kept in mind and if you are using version of Eudora prior to the 4.0 you need to configure it properly in order not to loose your mail which you want to pick up later on your computer. This additional care needs to be taken before using this utility.


Important Note: TheGuideMail is currently under Beta testing. It is as secure as POP3 mail pickup or any Web based utility you use to check your account status or change your password. Please send us Feedback in case you encounter any problems

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