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The Guide
stay on track follow TheGuide
A Guide to India's Internet Services
This website ( is the successor to the website orginally located at

The focus of The Guide has shifted from how to use Internet to How to Use Internet Safely. It contains the answers to all your questions. If your question isn't addressed utilize our free technical support

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A powerful Search Engine-- which goes beyond meta search:

Spam Busting Center
TheGuide launces a Spam Busting center. Spam or unsolictited mail is the curse of Internet. It has to be fought at grassroots level. Learn how you make a difference in fighting this cancer! (Jan 20, 2001)

Review: Avayon DXP-1000 DVD/Divx Media player
Detailed review of Avayon DXP-1000 DVD/DivX player. It suports all possible media and plays almost all known formats. All this for affordable cost. Read and decide for yourself. A rich product for reasonable price from Avayon Technologies, Inc.(November 8, 2004)

Review: iPod Shuffle:
Vipul Shah brings to our attention details of Apple's new thunderstorm in form of iPod Shuffle.(May 30, 2005)

Safeguard your Bank account usernames and passwords
Vipul Shah talks about how to prevent your on-line back account being hacked. (Apr.14, 2005)

Review: PlaneQuiet Active Noise Cancellation Headphone
Vipul Shah tries out PlaneQuiet noise Cancelling/reducing headphone and finds it good value for money.. (Mar.30, 2005)

Review: Canon PowerShot S70
Vipul Shah introduces us to small, slim, affordable and powerful Canon's 7.1 mega pixel camera which makes taking bad picture extremely difficult for even first time camera users. Mar. 18, 2005)

Review: Bluespoon AX, A Bluetooth headsetVipul Shah brings to our attention Bluetooth headset from Nextlink which is tiny, comfortable, good performer and could be worn on either ear with glasses. Mar. 18, 2005)

Review: Sony Ericsson T630
Vipul Shah brings to attention ageing star of Sony Ericsson stable T630, a low priced bluetooth, camera phone with big and bright screen. (Feb. 18, 2005)

Review: Nokia 9500 Communicator
Vipul Shah brings first detailed review Nokia 9500 communicator. Expensive but worth it. With Nokia 9500 Communicator, Nokia reclaims its status as King of mobile world .(December 23, 2004)

Review: Philips DVP 642K Divx certified DVD Player
Till now if you wanted to see movie on your living room TV, you had to use only DVD or VCD if you could stand lower quality of picture and didn’t mind dealing with multiple CDs for every movie. But that is about to change. Vipul Shah shows how.(October 24, 2004)

Bluetooth mobile headset
If you need best audio quality which can be heard in crowded and noisy environment, Plantronics M3500 with its AudioIQ technology and active noise cancellation is the bluetooth mobile headset for you. (July 14, 2004)

Review: Plantronics DSP-500 USB Headset
Plantronics DSP-500 USB headset is as good as you get when nothing but highest quality will do for your PC Audio. (Apr. 26, 2004)

Review: Jabra FreeSpeak 250 bluetooth mobile headset
With introduction of Jabra FreeSpeak 250 Jabra is creating new segment of under US$100 Bluetooth headset with extra long talk time as well as light weight. (Apr. 5, 2004)

Review: Zoom brings Bluetooth to dialup modems
This modem -- blue tooth enabled, gives you freedom of being anywhere in your house and connect your laptop to the Internet. (Feb. 19, 2004)

Erasing Information From Hard Disk Drive
Erasing Data from Hard Disk Drive, once written, is almost near impossible! It is almost like writing in stone. If you concerned about the Privacy of your information... Please read on.(Nov. 21, 2003)

Mobile Applications mobile manufacturers forgot to include
Having a GPRS enbalbed phone is nice but if can't check regular email account or surf all the web then it is not of much use. Vipul Shah points out how this is about to change.
(Nov. 18, 2003)

REVIEW: Nextlink’s Bluespoon Digital and Chameleon bluetooth headsets
Do you Drive and Talk at the same time? These devices can one day save your life. Vipul Shah reviews these headsets.
(Nov. 8, 2003)

Laptops, Tablets, and  PDA gap is closing…
Are you a person using laptop? You will be surprised the functionality offered by some of the Handheld to the point that you may not need more than that. Vipul Shah points out how the gap is closing between different computing devices.
(Sept.. 03, 2003)

Privacy and Security on your PC
Concerned about your Privacy & Security of the Information on your PC? If not then you SHOULD BE David Rittenhouse enumerates very practical steps to assure security of the information on your PC. (Feb. 20, 2003)

National Security in Network Era
We are using all foreign made Hardware/Software! Is that threat to our National Security? There definitely is? We Indians need to wake up to this and take measures. Read on....(Nov. 16, 2002)

Security Issues in Network Age--An Interview by Mid Day reporter
We are using all foreign made Hardware/Software! Is that threat to our National Security? There definitely is? We Indians need to wake up to this and take measures. Read on....(Aug. 15, 2002)

Privacy In Days Of Online Banking, Credit Cards, Phone Network Age
So you like the convenience Online Banking, Credit Cards and many more products which make your life easy? At what price is your convenience: Your Privacy. Read on....(Aug. 15, 2002)

Online Stock Trading:With Ease Come The Perils
So you are taken in with ease with which you can trade stocks online? Watch out with this there are some security issues. Vipul Shah once again brings a Three part article to inform us. (Feb. 4, 2002)

Ten Tips To Stop Spam
Check these out as they go a long way. (Jan 23, 2001)

My Computer System is Infected with Virus, What Should I Do?
Above all don't panic. Dr. Arun Mehta gives simple steps to follow in case of this eventuallity. Must Read! (Jan 22, 2001)

Direct E-mail Marketing
So you want to use E-mail to market your Product/Service? Suresh Ramasubramanian tells us how to do this effectively. Do what you may, Never resort to Mass E-mailing known as SPAM. It hurts you and others. (Jan 20, 2001)

Spam Costs Everybody--Don't Send e-mail that is "Postage Due". Don't use mass emailing to market your wares. It is very expensive to everyone. Suresh Ramasubramanian gives us the details. (Jan 20, 2001)

Concerns And Challenges Of Internet For Children
With more and more of our children using Internet, many serious concerns have come up! A child psychologist, Ms. Minal Morarji of Rockville MD, details some of the challenges ahead of us. Must read for parents.(Updated May 1, 2000).

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