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Guide's Auto Dialer New Improved Dialer
by Mr. Ujjwal Sarin

Many users of VSNL's Auto Dialer (VAD) have complained bitterly about one feature of VAD, namely after connecting the VAD will start up the Browser and load VSNL's Internet Home Page. It is ok to see this once or two times. But every time on logs on to see the same page with not much change in content is a bit annoying to say the least.

Therefore Ujjwal Sarin, who gave the Guide Auto Login Script almost a year ago, now developed Guide's Auto Dialer. It has same functionality as VAD. In addition it is smaller in size.

To download the Guide's Auto Dialer Click Here. It is 821 KB file compared to almost 2 MB download for VAD.

The installation procedure is same as the VAD.

So if would like to just connect to vsnl, without loading the VSNL's page, download this and install in place of VAD.

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