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Browser Basics II

Adding Bookmarks
Saving Pages and Graphics of the Web
Managing Browser's Cache
Tips for speeding the Web Browsing
Turning off Images while Browsing

Browser Basics II: Customizing your Browser
by Raj Mehta

Once you've mastered the browser basics, you're ready to look a little more closely at how the browser works. This article examines browsers in some detail and identifies several features you can customize to get the best performance when browsing the Web.

Please note that the following discussion is carried in context to Netscape Navigator, similar considerations apply to any browser you might be using.

If, while browsing the Web, you happen upon a site that you'd like to come back to later on, you can take advantage of features that make it easy to find your way back. Your browser can save the URL (Internet address) of any site you're currently visiting. In your browser, sites address saved in the form of bookmarks as discussed in Browser Basics.

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