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Configuring Netscape Messenger

by Raj Mehta

We consider Netscape Messenger, a component in Communicator and see how we can configure as an email and newsgroup client.

  1. Start Netscape communicator.
  2. Go to `Edit' ----> `Preferences.'
    A window opens up where on left hand side we have all the `Categories' that can be configured. Click on `Mail & Groups'.
  3. Leave the first screen as it is.
  4. Then click on Identity:
    Then on right hand side fill in your name and email address and other items which are applicable to you.
  5. Then click on Messages:
    Where it says `By default, send rich text (HTML) messages', uncheck that box.
  6. Then click on Mail Server:
    On the right hand side fill in the information
    Click for Screenshot
    • Mail Server Username: rajm (for example)
    • Out Going Mail (SMTP) server: (for example)
    • In coming Mail Server: giasbm01.vsnl.net.in (for example)
    • Mail Server Type: POP3
  7. On this option there is a box on the lower right side which gives More Option to configure. Click on that and in the window that opens up leave everything as default except
    Check the box: `remember my mail password'

    You can play around with configuring other options. But sticking with the above ones will work fine. Now your Netscape Communicator is ready to operate as an email client.

  8. Then click on Groups Server:
    On the right hand side fill in the information:
    Discussion Groups (news server):
    Fill in port: 119
    Other items leave at default.
    Now your Netscape is a USENET/Newsgroups client.
This completes the configuration of Netscape Navigator or Communicator 4.x as email client. Information for setting up Eudora is also available.

Copyright © 1996, 1997, 1998 Dr. Raj Mehta. All rights reserved.