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Configuring MS Outlook 98
By V.V. Singh and Peter Doshi

This page explains how to set up Outlook 98 for email.

Running Outlook 98 for the first time...
If you are installing Outlook 98 for the first time, you will be prompted with what is called a ``Internet Connection Wizard'' installation. This is in the hopes of making it easier for you to setup. The directions and screenshots below will give you examples of how this can be set up.

Window Title
(Click for screenshots!)
Fill in... For example
Your Name Your own name goes here Peter Doshi
E-mail Server Names This dialog is asking for your POP3 and SMTP servers. Please check this list to find the correct POP3 and SMTP servers in your city. cal.vsnl.net.in
Internet Mail Logon Fill in your username and password. If your email address is flytrap@cal.vsnl.net.in, then flytrap is your username. Simply, the username is what comes before @ in your email address. Username: flytrap
Password: uWl29na0
Internet E-mail Address Type in the email address you are identified with on the Internet. This is most likely to be your VSNL email address. flytrap@cal.vsnl.net.in
Choose Connection Type We recommend choosing Connect using my local area network as it affords greater control over Outlook this way  
Congratulations Click the Finish button  

Configuring Outlook 98 after installation...

You may need to adjust some settings or set it up completely. If it's already installed, the ``Internet Connection Wizard'' won't come up again, and it's time to adjust the settings manually. Here's how you do it.

  1. Click the Tools menu, and select Accounts
  2. Select the email account you have already created (For example: My E-mail Account). Click for ScreenshotSee a sample screenshot
  3. Choose Properties from the tab on the right hand pane
  4. You will get a screen like this
  5. General Properties
    Click for Screenshot
    • Name: Peter Doshi (for example)
    • Organization: (this can be blank)
    • Email address: flytrap@cal.vsnl.net.in (for example)
    • Reply address: (this can be blank if your email address speciified above is valid)
  6. Advanced Properties
    Here, you may want to edit the Delivery feature accordingly:

    Click for Screenshot
    • If you are the only person using this account from a single location, do not check the Leave messages on Server option.
    • On the other hand, if there are multiple users checking the mail from multiple locations or one user checking the mail from multiple locations, make a check on the Leave messages on Server option.

This completes the configuration of Outlook 98 as email client.

Information for setting up Eudora and Netscape is also available.

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