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What is it all about?

The Guide Newsletter comes in the form of an email sent out every so often, most probably bi-monthly and hopefully more often if we can get the necessary manpower. It is a publication which anyone can subscribe to free of cost, keeping users up-to-date with trends in technology, VSNL, and other Internet related issues.

This webpage will continue to hold an archive of newsletters, so in case you missed an issue, you'll be able to find it here.

Past Newsletters
Monday, December 28th, 1998 (Text version)
Saturday, January 30th, 1999 (Text version)
Sunday, March 15th, 1999 (Text version)
Wednesday, May 5th, 1999 (Text version)
Monday, June 21st, 1999 (Text version)
Sunday, September 12, 1999 (Text version)
Wednesday, September 22, 1999 (Text version)

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