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PEGASUS MAIL: The Best E-mail Programme Money Can't Buy
By Dr. R. D'Souza

One of the most comprehensive, versatile, powerful yet free E-mail programmes is Pegasus Mail. This programme has many features which suit the beginner as well as the more advanced user, and is convenient for light as well as heavy (eg. office) use.

Do you need to use E-mail in one of the following situations?

  1. More than one user on a single computer.
  2. Single user, but with multiple POP3 E-mail accounts.
  3. Large volumes of E-mail requiring a convenient filing system for easy retrieval later, eg. when subscribing to mailing lists.
  4. Tight or small budget for software programmes.
  5. Difficulty in remembering E-mail addresses.

If the answer to any of the above is yes, then Pegasus Mail is the E-mail programme for you.

Pegasus Mail offers the following features:

  • Can be used by single or multiple users on a single computer; in the latter situation each user's address books and folders will be completely separate.
  • Convenient folder system for storing messages, very easy to set up and use.
  • Easy configuration and set up.
  • User-friendly interface, many functions are intuitive.
  • Many functions are possible via the keyboard for those who prefer to avoid use of the mouse.
  • Small in size- takes up less space on your hard disk.
  • Comprehensive context-sensitive help.
  • Fast in operation.
  • Address completion facility - a handy memory for E-mail addresses.
  • Available free off the Internet i.e. it is freeware.


Several computer magazines (eg. PC World, PC Quest) offer Pegasus Mail on their accompanying CD-ROMS. Follow the instructions in the magazine to load the programme. However, if you would like to get the latest version of Pegasus Mail (as of now, version 3.12b), you will find it at the official Internet web- site:

Remember to download the correct version - the 32 bit version is for Windows 95/98 users, and the 16 bit version for Windows 3.1 users. The size of the 32 bit version is about 3.2 MB and the download time is about 30 - 40 minutes with a good connection.

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